Donna Adams

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United States of America
Maryland (MD)
Chevy Chase
5100 Dorset Avenue #213

In November of 2000, I was introduced to Healing Touch.  My husband, Shelton, had lost his battle to metastatic colon cancer that previous April.  His nurse, Christina, invited me to attend with her.  That very first class changed my life in so many positive ways, not only for my self-care, but it had also provided another avenue of caring for my patients, family and friends over the years.

I am a Certified Oncology Nurse and work for the military system, caring for our military members and their families, both active duty and retired.  It is an honor to be able to share my skills as an Oncology Nurse and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner with the individuals who serve and have served our country to keep us all safe!

In addition, I have a private Healing Touch practice, which allows me to provide sessions for all those who seek support in their own healing.  One of my greatest joys is to bring light to the world through teaching and sharing the gift of Healing Touch.

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