Sharon Fletcher
United States of America
Washington (WA)
3908 W. Crown Ave, Spokane, WA


I have been an Board Certified Registered Nurse since 1987 and have had a long career in medical-surgical nursing and peri-operative surgical services. In 1988, I began my journey into energy healing with the study of Therapeutic Touch and re-discovered the reason I went into nursing. I became convinced that achieving vibrant good health is an inner process. When I discovered Healing Touch, with its standardized curriculum and certification process, I knew that it would be a doorway to a holistic nursing practice. I obtained my Healing Touch Practitioner Certification in 1996 and founded Integrative Healing Arts, LLC, which is dedicated to bringing a higher awareness and practice of holistic therapies for health and healing for my clients and the community. Since then, I have also completed a three-year apprenticeship in Spiritual Healing, a graduate course in Aromatherapy, certification as a clinical hypnotherapist, and several Shamanic practices including Soul Retrieval, Plant Spirit Medicine and Healing for the Earth. I completed my Healing Touch Instructor Certification in 2002, and now teach Level 1 in addition to courses in Self-Hypnosis, Weight Mastery, and Energy Medicine for Massage Students. I have been a coordinator for Healing Touch since 1994 and have hosted numerous workshops in many areas of alternative healing. Please visit my business website at:
Integrative Healing Arts, LLC