Kathy Moreland
Ontario (ON)

Kathy Moreland, RN, MScN, HTCP/I, has been practicing HEALING TOUCH since 1994. Once a skeptic, her experiences with Healing Touch (HT) led her to do her Master’s Thesis on the experiences of women with breast cancer receiving HT.  Kathy has been the Chair of the Research Council for HEALING TOUCH PROGRAM since 2008, Research Officer for the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association and Research Officer for the Complementary Therapy Nurses Interest Group of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.  A former Nurse Practitioner in oncology in both Canada and the United States, Kathy has been interested in Biofield Research and holistic health ever since. She has been a professor of nursing in Southern Ontario, Canada for the past 14 years. A popular author and speaker, Kathy is passionate about wellness for healthcare professionals and research in holistic practices. Wife of Paul and mom of two great teens, Alexis and Austin, Kathy spends her “spare” time championing the rights of children and families with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), boating, skiing, dancing or reading anything without references!