Leanne Bishop
United States of America
Maine (ME)
17 2nd St.
(207) 217-0362

Leanne Bishop has found her life's purpose in teaching and providing Healing Touch.  She is passionate about helping others find health and wellness in mind, body and spirit, and by teaching interested students how to utilize Healing Touch in their work, family, and community. 

Intitially working as a School Counselor, then being a stay-at-home mom, Leanne started her journey with Healing Touch after some medical challenges within her family.  She learned the benefits of Healing Touch which helped her handle the stress of experiencing challenges of having a child on the autism spectrum and another child whom the doctors thought had cancer.  During this time, Leanne also experienced great spiritual growth which helped her to realize her purpose in life.

Leanne is now overseeing the growth of a vibrant HT volunteer community that provides Healing Touch to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and others in the community through her employer, Caring Connections, a cooperative program of Eastern Maine Medical Center and the Bangor Region YMCA.  She also organizes monthly practice sessions for the local HT community to come together for self-care and to support a deeper understanding of Healing Touch techniques.  Leanne has an active Healing Touch practice through Caring Connections, providing HT to anyone for a fee as well as providing HT to individuals in active cancer treatment for any size donation.

Leanne loves to educate parents, family and medical caregivers, as well as those challenged by sickness, how they can be empowered to help their loved ones and  communities with HT, as well as support their own health and wellness with HT self-care techniques.  

Guided Energy For Health