Johanna Keefe
United States of America
Massachusetts (MA)
8 Victoria Road

Welcome to my bio! My name is Johanna, and I have a long history in the healing arts, and hope to share much of it with you, so take your time, if you can.  I have been involved in Healing Touch since 2007, when I was introduced to it by a lovely holistic nurse, Pat Scalice, who studied with the Janet, our founder.  I offer Healing Touch Mentoring in person or through Skype, and at this time do not charge a set fee but ask only for donations to help assist with the cost of my Qualified Mentor training ~ which is an updated and enriched new 10 week training program beginning in mid January of 2015.  At this time, I am limiting myself to 3 mentees, due to the fullness of my schedule.  I am active as a certified Level One Healing Touch instructor.  As my students grew in number, I founded and now lead a local HT Chapter: Healing Touch North Shore, where we come together for monthly meetings for practice and self care. My classes and chapter meetings take place on the beautiful campus of Endicott College, in Beverly, MA, where I am an Adjunct Faculty of Holistic Studies, through Endicott's School of Nursing. Through my course, I am able to introduce Energy Medicine and Healing Touch to my students, who come from nursing, but also multiple disciplines, including the sciences and humanities. 

I am always enriched by the periodic free Relaxation Clinics I arrange for faculty, employees and students involving my Healing Touch students. They raise the vibration of the whole building, if not the campus! I am also grateful to have coordinated and hosted Level 2 and 3 instructors for my students who wish to advance their training, and am looking forward to coordinating Level 3 and Level 4/5 with advanced instructors of Healing Touch from various parts of the country.  One of my visions is to bring Healing Touch relaxation clinics to college campuses around New England to alleviate stress related conditions of the body/mind/spirit ~ which result from the pressures of the academic atmosphere for both faculty and students alike.  I imagine these clinics as centers of self care exchange by the students and faculty who choose to take the training!

I have completed a year long course by the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy taught by Linda Bark, PhD, RN,  which I find informs both my part time healing practice and my work with young college students. I also find my coaching experience  enhances my role as educator and mentor of Healing Touch students. 

My educational background began in a more conventional way with a four year nursing degree from Boston University, although I was already a long time meditator (Transcendental Meditation) and involved in the Healing Arts and Modern Dance. After 3 years of full time work, I completed my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Jungian Astrology (Independent Study) from Lesley College (now University) of Cambridge, MA (1990) , and more recently (2011), a Master of Nursing in Holistic Education from Endicott College, Beverly, MA.  My nursing background included women’s reproductive health and child and adolescent psychiatry. Humanistic Astrology has always been part of my life and my love. I often find that my knowledge of the astrological language is called upon as a consulting service for my Healing Touch clients.

My current passion is as a (hybrid) PhD student of Transformational Studies at the CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), focusing on Restorative Food and Farming, Permaculture, Ancestral Diets, and its positive health effects for Maternal and Child Health.  I hope to bring together the stories of mothers who are experiencing very healthy outcomes of births following the principles of Traditional Diets. I desire to publish a picture book for the next generation of young women to follow.  I anticipate the program will be completed in 2017, just after my 60th birthday! Young at heart, I am a fire/moon child (1st house Aries, 12th house Moon/Ascendent in Pisces)

My interest began with an introduction to the nutritional foundations of Traditional Diets, specifically as described by the research of Dr. Weston A. Price and the educational foundation led by Sally Fallon.  I will travel weekly to farmer’s markets on the seacoast of NH, to live on food which is grown in season or raised humanely on pasture. I have also completed training with Dr. Natasha McBride, founder of the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) protocol, understanding that a compromised gut will impact one’s mental health. 

With the aftershocks of the Boston “bombing” during the marathon several years ago, I was moved to complete the training in Level One and Two from founder David Berceli for his Trauma Release Process, both at Kripalu Institute and in Damascus, Oregon.  A “shaking” therapy, it can be taught as a form of self care, and is particularly relevant for those who are "frozen" from the spectrum of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Many Healing Touch practitioners understand that the energy of flowers complement their energy practice. I have found this to be so, as I have also completed training with David Dalton of Delta Gardens (NH) in the use of flower essences for emotional as well as chronic physical conditions. I have quite the extensive collection of medicinal, gem and other flower essences created by Delta Gardens. I also managed to acquire an exquisite collection of orchid essences from a trip to the southwest coast of Scotland to study on the Isle of Gigha with the founder Don Dennis of Living Tree Orchid Essences in 2010. Lately I have been enamored with the beauty of simply drawn botanical flowers.

And finally, you may be interested to know that my first introduction to energy work (and structure) was in the late 1980s, when I completed the training with Dr. Fritz Smith, founder of Zero Balancing, while at Lesley College ~ I have practiced as a certified ZB practitioner for many years.  

Born in upstate New York, and after spending a period of time in Northern California and the Jemez mountains of New Mexico, I moved to Boston, then up to  the North Shore of Manchester-by-the-Sea where I remain, as I raised my two children.   Along with my husband Jon, I enjoy traveling to places of extreme natural beauty, often finding those places in my own backyard, down to the sea, and up through the states of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  

My self care practices are mediation through nature walks, and sometimes through Buddhist practices, and of course, exchanging Healing Touch! I enjoy knitting, reading, biking, kayaking, skiing, and silk painting.  I take periodic Asian brush painting classes (yes, grinding the ink by hand) from a Master Painter in Portsmouth, NH. You may find me on the web at, and contact me by email at, or reach me by phone at 978-290-0266 (EST).  With most calls, I am able to respond within 24 hours. I look forward to hearing from you!