Flor Taboada
Instructor in training
United Kingdom
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+44 (0)7742447694

Flor is a Healing Touch Instructor in training on her way to Certification.

Her healing work is the result of many years of training and experience in the field of Energy Healing, Flower Essences and Meditation.

In her practice, she primarily helps women recover from heartbeak, heal their hearts and move forward with their lives with joy, self-love, confidence and trust.

Flor's healing experience also include several years of volunteer work as a Healing Touch Practitioner for New York American Cancer Society.

Her credentials include: Healing Touch Certified Practitioner,  a Diploma in Vibrational Medicine and Flower Essences, an International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and training as a Meditation Instructor.

As a former linguist, she is fluent in Spanish, English and French and proficient in Italian.

Flor is also an inspirational workshop leader and mentor who brings into her practice and work not only her experience and expertise but also a caring and open heart, positive energy, humour, warmth and kindness.

What drives her is the belief that no matter what we have been through in life, healing is possible. That our wounds can be turned into wisdom. Her biggest passion is her healing work.

Outside her healing practice, she loves spending time in nature, travelling, broadening her knowledge in healing modalities, reading, attending meditation retreats, and enjoying nurturing and fun time with her husband, family and friends.

After 6 years in NYC, where she run a private healing practice, she returned to the UK in December 2017. She currently splits her time between London and the beautiful  West Country she absolutely loves.

She offers both in person and distant sessions.

Flor Taboada