Nancy Schappert
United States of America
Pennsylvania (PA)
West Chester
780 Miles Rd, Unit G. West Chester, PA

Nancy has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She has continued with her education and received her PhD in Holistic Nurtition along with other specialties in integrative holistic modalities. She has always underrstood that true healing emanates from within the individual and is a combination of body, mind and spirit. She has a private practice since 2009- Nancy Schappert Healthy Living LLC.

In addition, Nancy offers Healing Touch Level 1 classes in an intimate retreat-like setting at her new holistic wellness center.(Please see her additional website: Her classes are a combination of both didactic and hands on practice throughout which provides the student with a thorough understanding of the material presented. Class size is limited to eight students, which insures that each student receives ample time for fully integrating the material and techniques. Her classes are both informative and joyous, and many new professional and personal friendships are formed during the class.

Nancy also offers quarterly practice shares where concepts and techniques are reviewed and practiced, in addition to taking some time for a little "self-care". Each student is supported in thier journey and is invited to ask questions and receive clarifiaction on any of the concepts covered during class. The shares are fun and informative and a great way to continue one's Healing Touch journey!

Nancy is married and has two grown sons, and enjoys organic gardening and riding her horse on their Chester County farm.

Nancy Schappert Healthy Living LLC