Suzanna J Lee
Instructor in training
Suzanna J
British Columbia (BC)
PO Box 1012
V0A 1K0

Healing Touch has been a part of my life since 2005, including the advanced techniques such as Trauma Release. 

My reputation is best known for effective, powerful, efficient results that defy the conventional world.  Client testimonials show a small sampling of what's possible.  My clients also appreciate how I teach and give them tools to learn how to accelerate their progress, goals, and heal themselves.

I work synergistically using multiple methods and tools that help heal conditions ranging from hemorrhoids, pain and stress, to conditions such as cancer and trauma, holistically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Why suffer?  Biohack your body, release what's stuck, and move forward on your journey, or simply tame your busy brain, reduce your: pain, stress, recovery time, and ease your grief.

Come experience the world of possibility in the Rocky Mountains of B.C. and enjoy the journey of taking back control of your body and your life...transcend your limitations!