Susan Emily Russell
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Susan Emily
United States of America
Texas (TX)

Susan Emily Russell was born on a basic training camp and grew up as an Army Brat in some pretty exotic locations. This nomadic lifestyle, along with her Viennese mother, allowed Susan to observe and enjoy people of many cultures, and adopt an altruistic nature in her early years. She learned to cherish our similarities while relishing our differences, and is most fortunate to see beauty in each face she sees. Susan gladly suffers from Chronic Girl Scout Syndrome, being well prepared to do a good deed daily and leave things better than she finds them.

Susan graduated with a BS in Medical Technology and worked for more than 20 years in clinical laboratories in a variety of settings, including oncology and rheumatology. She trained in massage therapy and other modalities, and was licensed in Texas in 1992, and was nationally certified and licensed in Florida in 2001. Always recognizing herself as an observer and facilitator, Susan began her studies as a healer in 2000 with her first Healing Touch seminar. In December 2004 she was awarded Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner, and became an Instructor in September 2006.