AP1 NotebookStudents who have completed the first three levels of the Healing Touch Program are eligible to take, together or separately, the two part Advanced Practice series. Advanced Practice 1 is designed to deepen and broaden your energy healing skills while learning new methods including the concepts of sacred geometry. Advanced Practice 2 introduces an energetic approach to working with trauma called the Trauma Release Technique. This powerful sequence and method provides relief to clients who are experiencing long term effects from one or more previous traumatic events.

What you will learn in Advanced Practice 1:

  • 5 additional advanced HT methods, including aspects of sacred geometry
  • Full Body Connection
  • Pyramid Technique (muscular-skeletal and other applications)
  • Double Hand Spinal Balance (neurological issues)
  • Central Core Balance (full body method for clients with vague
    symptoms or who present a clinical challenge)
  • Chakra Spread using mantras, affirmations and/or prayer
  • How to apply methods for Self-Care
  • How you can apply this knowledge and skill in your client practice

What you will learn in Advanced Practice 2: AP2 Notebook

  • Full Body Chakra Connection using Autogenic Relaxation
  • How to administer a gentle, energetic trauma interview
  • Trauma Release Method for release of energetic memory of physical trauma
  • Energetic, theoretical understanding of the physical, emotional and mental responses to trauma

Prerequisite: Completion of Healing Touch Level 3

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 9 CE Contact Hours are offered for each class

Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.


  • Advanced Practice 1 $189
  • Advanced Practice 2 $189
  • Advanced Practice 1 & 2 combined $349
  • Repeat tuition for Advanced Practice 1 or 2 is $100 per class.


Advanced Practice Level 1
“This class took me to another level of healing and commitment to myself to expand and explore the powers of energetic healing,”
- HT Student, NY

“I enjoyed the various techniques: their effectiveness and purpose. I felt so many of the techniques solidified my learning and my passion to do this work.”
- HT Student NY

Advanced Pratcice Level 2
“My weekend was nothing short of transformational. I feel empowered as a woman, a soul and spirit. I am excited to begin the next stage of my journey.”
- HT Student, Level 3, Albany, NY

“After the Trauma Release, my knees, which were both severely swollen and uncomfortable from severe arthritis, were amazingly agile and 75% less swollen! I could bend both knees and I haven't had any medication today at all!”
- HT Student NY