Mentorship has always been part of the Healing Touch journey. The relationship of mentor and mentee is a dynamic one of guidance, support, nurturing and advising that is designed to instill confidence, reinforce knowledge and prepare an individual for Level 5, program graduation and practitioner certification.

Mentee Definition

Mentees are Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentices who have completed Level 4 and are preparing for Level 5, and Healing Touch Practitioners who have graduated the program and are working toward certification.

Mentor Definition

Any Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) who is active and in good standing with Healing Touch Program (HTP) may be a mentor.

Qualified Mentor (QM) Definition

Experienced mentors who have met the criteria may apply to become a Qualified Mentor. Those who have achieved the QM credential have met the following criteria:

  • Successfully demonstrated mentoring at least three applicants through practitioner certification
  • Met educational requirements
  • Made a commitment to maintain current knowledge on Level 5 course and certification requirements.
  • Have been acknowledged by peers and/or mentees as a capable mentor
  • Have received written acknowledgement of their QM status from the HTP office, including an official QM number

QM Requirement in the Mentorship Process

QMs are required to be part of the mentorship process by either directly mentoring a practitioner apprentice preparing for Level 5, or a practitioner preparing for certification, or by supervising a mentor who is not a QM and is doing direct mentoring. This provides guidance and support for mentors that are not QMs, and an enhanced mentorship experience for the mentee. For more information on the QM credential visit Mentor Resources.

Mentorship Roles

Mentorship has two significant roles in HTP. First, it is used during the apprenticeship period between Levels 4 and 5 to help the practitioner apprentice prepare to complete Level 5 and become a practitioner. Practitioner apprentices must be in an active mentorship with a QM or a mentor who is supervised by a QM, for at least six months prior to attending Level 5. The supervised mentorship experience is discussed thoroughly in the Level 4 class to inform students and assist them in finding a suitable mentor, and is documented in the Level 4 class notebook.

The second role mentorship plays is for those who are preparing for practitioner certification. Practitioners who have completed Level 5 and received a Certificate of Course Completion may choose to apply for certification. The certification criteria require one full year of supervised mentorship. This one year period includes the mentorship between Levels 4 and 5.

For more information on being a mentor visit Mentor Resources.

More information for students, including finding a mentor and mentorship requirements, can be found on the Mentee Resources webpage.