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Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March 2011 Issue.

Before I tell you how Healing Touch changed my life, you should know a little about me. I’m 63 and an RN who seems to be great at beating up her body. Four years ago, I learned a tough lesson. I woke up with complete paralysis of the right side of my face - the dreaded Bell’s palsy had struck. Of course, I thought it was a stroke. After two months, my b2ap3_thumbnail_lost-1-1101336-m.jpgface still drooped, and much of what I said could not be understood. I had no tears. I had no feeling in my right cheek. When I talked to my neurologist, my physician and my ENT, I was told not to expect any more major improvement. What I had was it. The EMG showed no nerve conduction at all. The only advice they had to offer – reduce my stress!

The end result – we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I stayed in nursing, but my whole lifestyle became less stressful and more satisfying. I managed to regain most of my speech, developed less droop and even got my tears back. (So much for doctors!) I still had a slight dizziness, and my right cheek was still numb. I was always biting it and couldn’t chew or swallow on that side.

Now we fast forward to last October (2010). As I set out for the Healing Touch Level 4 Baja Cruise, I had no idea what to expect. I was just excited to be attending Level 4 and going on a cruise!

It didn’t start out well. I forgot about my permanent dizziness. I was so used to allowing for it that I didn’t think about being on a ship. I spent the entire night being seasick. With the help of a patch, I got over my seasickness and the HT work continued.



We came to the last full day of class, and my partner, Jen, was going to give me a treatment. We planned for her to work on my bad knee and shoulder. Jen decided to try the Etheric Vitality Meditation, focusing mainly on my right knee and right shoulder. It didn’t work out quite as planned. I was lying on the table when I started hearing crackling in the right side of my head. Along with this cacophony of crackling came mini bolts of lightning. After a short period of time, the internal noise was driving me crazy. I had to sit up. Poor Jen was trying to close the session, and I was climbing out of her reach. Looking back, I’m sure it was funny to anyone watching. Somehow, she managed to finish, but it wasn’t with my help! I was trying to silence the ruckus in my head.

As I sat there trying to explain my actions to Jen, I realized that a change had happened, and it wasn’t to either my shoulder or my knee. It was my face! The numbness was gone. I kept poking my cheek in disbelief! After four years, I could actually feel my cheek!

Looking back on this event, I realize that this was a perfect demonstration of energy’s own destiny. We’ve all been told to remember that any work we do is for the client’s own good.

No matter what our intentions are, energy will flow where it is needed the most. Interesting concept, isn’t it? We might try to direct it, and, most of the time, that is where it will go. BUT there are exceptions. Energy plays by its own rules, and on that day it decided to do some cheek work. Neither Jen nor I had any real choice in the matter.

Don’t misunderstand me. The results still awe me - the impression made has been imprinted on my soul. I bless my Higher Power with every bite of food and every sip of water that no longer leads to coughing.

What has changed is my understanding of Energy. At times during a session, I can ask it to go to an arm or a leg. But that is all I can do! Energy raised will go where it will. It has the freedom to travel, and it does. So now I know to be ready for anything. The Energy Journey has begun with a simple Baja Cruise! Now I’m in for the ride of my life!

About the author:

Cheryl Massena, RN, Level 4 HT student

As a 63-year-old grandmother, I spend my time practicing my Wiccan spirituality, working as an RN in a local PCU unit and wandering the state of New Mexico with my husband of 10 years. Being a recent transplant from Ohio (3+ years), I find New Mexico to be exciting and enticing. I have completed Level 4 Healing Touch and Level 1 Healing Touch for Animals. My husband and I plan to develop a combined practice using both HT and HTA and consider treating the entire family unit to be an exciting focus. I think I’ve even managed to talk him into adding photography to our bag of skills. I’m looking forward to continuing this exciting journey with my new friends and companions and to introducing HT more fully to Santa Fe.


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