My Fabulous Fear of Firsts ~ Creating HT Community

My Fabulous Fear of Firsts ~ Creating HT Community

Walle Adams-Gerdts, RN, BA, CHt, HTCP/I

I live in the first town in the first state in our country: Lewes, Deleware. It is a sleepy little beach community that was settled back in the 1600's by the Danish. Reminders of this are everywhere, as one walks past the museum, shops, boats, and noted historically honored homes. Lewes is unique in that it is also quite a progressive small town with a variety of people and interests. As with any community, there is "push-pull" with development and infrastructure governmental concerns. It is pet and people friendly, and has been a place of respite off and on for several years for our family.

Never would I have imagined that this town would pull me through a summer and fall of firsts that I never saw coming: the first time in 36 years that I have not worked in a full time job; the first time that I am single after a relationship of 32 years ended amicably and lovingly; the first time that I am living by myself; the first time in 32 years that I do not have a pet intersecting with my energy field; and the first time that I have fully recognized the fears that can easily attach to incredible change, almost paralyzing one from forward momentum and growth. What's a Healer to do?

 Ahh...therein lies the answer: Heal. And so, in order to accomplish this in my newly found home community, I knew that the "first" thing to do was to introduce Healing Touch to the people of Lewes. In July of 2015, one of my fabulous mentees (Catherine Pando) contacted me to inquire about offering an Introduction to Healing Touch event at their new wellness medical center in Lewes for patients/friends. Furthermore, she wondered if we could have a small local "panel" of HTCPs and HTP-As who would briefly share their individual stories and then field any questions. Information would include the date and time for a local community Healing Touch Day of Caring that would allow attendees to experience Healing Touch "first"hand (had to put that in there!) and share the information with others.

The presentation date was selected and in late July a curious group of over 25 adults showed up on a Friday afternoon to hear about Healing Touch. The two-hour event was a huge success and several signed up on an "Interested in further information" form.

The date for the first free HT community clinic event was scheduled for August and those on the list were called. The location was in the new movement studio in the Pando's Wellness Center. It was an open and sacred space, conducive for healing to happen. There was space for seven treatment tables, and as I am the Qualified Mentor for several in the area, we were able to have mentees participate and work on documentation towards their Level 5 requirements. Sessions were 30-40 minutes in length and a light chime was offered when there was 5 minutes remaining, which served to keep the group in sync and on schedule. The three-hour offering was a first for this community and like the snow geese that land in the field behind my house at this time of year, the people "flocked" to this event. We determined that a monthly clinic would benefit and serve the people of Lewes and so we set this intention in motion and never glanced back.

As 2016 has arrived, the HT community clinics continue on the second Friday of every month from 2-5pm. Sessions are 30 minutes in length and appointment sheets feature seven spaces for each thirty- minute offering, representing the number of tables and practitioners present to offer the therapy.

The response has been "first" rate and has again reminded this Healer that is in giving to others that we abundantly receive. Lewes (the first town) in Delaware (the first state) has provided a loving place for my fears to diminish, for hearts to open, and for the Healing Touch community to grow! Fabulous!

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