The Diamond Technique: An Energetic Intervention in Support of the Immune System

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  • Rita Jean Dubre
  • April 2011

hosp6The purpose of this article is to share with my colleagues a technique which I use frequently in my Healing Touch practice. The technique evolved, intuitively, as I worked with clients with compromised immune systems. We are aware that we, as practitioners, are channels/ conduits for Energy to pass from our own Higher Source. The immune system needs this healing support in certain compromised states. The article is not intended to be an intellectual dissertation. My intention is to offer information about a technique which has the potential to support the immune system of our clients, as well as the option to be used as a self-care technique.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The immune system is a complex biological system, made up of an advanced network of tissues, organs and cells. This system works to provide the body with a natural system of defenses. Different types of cells and proteins are designed to destroy invaders. Protective white blood cells, such as T cells, travel via the bloodstream to lymph nodes, the thymus and spleen seeking invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and tumor cells. 

THE DIAMOND TECHNIQUE The purpose of this technique is two-fold: 1) To address immune system disturbances and 2) To support and maintain the health of  the immune system for our clients. What does that mean? Hand placements include the thymus, spleen, root chakra and liver. 

The thymus gland, located in the high heart chakra, programs the lymphocytes (T cells) to fight disease, while the spleen under the left rib cage, plays a major role in fighting inef ction in the body.  The root chakra supports the bone marrow, the producer of T cells and other white blood cells necessary for an immune response. The liver, located under the right rib cage, serves as the clearing house for toxic substances in the body.
I use the Diamond Technique in treating clients with cancer; polymyositis; Lymes disease; mononucleosis; rheumatoid arthritis; lupus, fibromyalgia and flu symptoms, although this technique could be used for clients with any immune system disorder.

CLIENT EMPOWERMENT A major concept taught in the Healing Touch Curriculum is client empowerment through education and self-care. I have taught many clients the Diamond Technique to include in their self-care practices for the purpose of supporting their immune systems to maintain health and wellness, as well as, for treating an existing health challenge. I underscore the reality that we (client and practitioner) are channels through whom healing Energy, Love and Light pass from our own Source for healing and wholeness.

PRACTITIONER SELF-CARE Self-care is emphasized as an important principle for HT students and practitioners. Several of the HT core curriculum methods are recommended for self-care, such as the Chakra Connection, Self Spiral Meditation and Hara Alignment Meditation. Students and practitioners may consider including the Diamond Technique as a part of their own self-care.

PROCEDURE The DIAMOND TECHNIQUE can be offered with the client reclining or while sitting in a chair. It can be used in combination with other treatments or as a single treatment. The practitioner begins with right or left hand placements, depending upon which side of the client the treatment is given. Hand positions may be held for one to two minutes or according to the intuitive sense of the practitioner. The same hand positions are used in the SELF TECHNIQUE.

After centering, grounding and attuning with the intention for the client’s highest good, the sequenced hand placements are as follows: Left hand over thymus; right hand over spleen• Left hand over spleen; right hand over root chakra• Right hand remains on root; left hand moves from spleen • to liver Right hand over liver; left hand over thymus• Left hand remains over thymus; right hand moves to root • chakra Left hand moves to liver; right hand moves to spleen• 

Hand positions may be held one to two minutes or according to the intuitive sense of the practitioner.

In conclusion, as I offer this technique to my clients, I see the DIAMOND in my mind’s eye as a three dimensional configuration filled with Light from the Divine Source. The Cross configuration emerges as hand placements connect the thymus & root chakra and the spleen & liver.

Reprint from Energy Magazine Issue: April 2011

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