Healing Touch Essential Energy - Joy as the True Reality

Healing Touch Essential Energy - Joy as the True Reality


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program August 2010 Issue.  Healing Touch Essential Energy By: Cyndi Dale

One of my favorite statements is this:

“Reality wins.”

Think the dog is going to walk himself? The bills are going to magically animate and pay themselves or better yet, sprout money trees? No—but there is a reality above, below, and throughout this one that transforms the mundane and even painful into something meaningful, if not pleasant or delightful. I was awed to experience this b2ap3_thumbnail_Essential_Energy_Cyndi.jpgenchantment during the Healing Touch Program Conference on Joy, at which I was honored to present a talk and a workshop.

Joy is many things to many people. For some of us, it’s a broken cell phone and the ensuing silence, for others, a long-awaited outreach from a loved one. We might sniff joy in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or inhale it through a roll in the grass. For healers, joy is the sharing of compassion, the smile—or tears—on a client’s face, revealing a heart mending, a soul stretching, a child budding wings that were not there before.

Joy is not always the happy feeling we get when we arrive at the destination, however. It is also the sense of the route, the grit of the journey, the survival of the trials. Because of this, we might say that healing and joy are completely interchangeable. Healing leads to joy and joy opens to healing — for both encourage a process that meets deep needs and desires. When sharing at the conference, I suggested that all of life is, in fact, about following the pathways to joy.


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