Looking to Transfer your Practitioner Certification? We're here to help!
A Certified Practitioner step–by–step chart to assist you with the details.

Click here to download the chart below as an easy reference guide.


Video 1- Intro to Transferring to HTP 1:01 Minutes
In this video we give you a brief overview of the transfer process to HTP.


Video 2 Reviewing Transfer Packets Video 2- Reviewing and Purchasing Transfer Packets 3:26 Minutes
In this video we take you through the steps of picking and purchasing the right Transfer Packet.


Video 3 9 steps of transfering Video 3- The 9 Steps of Transferring 1:55 Minutes
We take you through the 9 steps required of you when transferring to HTP.


Video 4 Interview Checklist Video 4- Interview Checklist 1:06 Minutes
This is a quick overview of the interview checklist.


Video 5 Finding an Instructor Video 5- Finding an Instructor 2:57 Minutes
This video takes you through the steps of choosing an instructor for your phone interview in your transfer process.



Transfer Process Steps - Please check chart for the prerequsites for each level.

1. Order the Transfer Packet for the appropriate level. The purchase of the Transfer Packet begins the transfer process.

2. Cost of the Transfer Packet - Please check chart for the prerequsites for each level.

3. Transfer Packet Required Materials (These materials are included in the packet you purchase.)

  • Current HTP Notebook(s) - $35 per level (The average notebook is 250 pages).
  • Healing Touch Meditations 2 CD set from Sounds True Publications - $15. Only one CD set is required.
    • Covers the history, philosophy, major concepts/principles, theoretical framework and three foundation stone meditations. CDs will provide and a semi-direct exposure to the Program Director.
  • Level 4 Healing Touch Scope & Standards of Practice Booklet - $10
  • List of qualified Interview Instructors - per level
  • Appropriate Transfer Certificate (No CEs) - $25 per level
  • Instructor Interview Fee Level 1-3 - $25 per level
  • Instructor Interview Fee/administration fee Level 4 and 5 - $165 per level
  • Shipping cost $15 per level – for packets shipped to U.S. destinations.
    • For international shipping, additional charges will apply.

4. Welcome Interview: You will receive a call from the HTP office for a welcome interview to review your class history and to answer any questions about the transfer process.

5. Prepare for Your Interview

  • Review the HTP notebook(s) and other materials included in the packet to prepare for your interview.
  • Review the appropriate Interview Checklist to insure you are prepared and have completed any required material.
  • Make a copy of your Healing Touch Certificates of Class Completion for each completed level and submit it to your interviewing HTP instructor. These certificates will need to be sent in with your interview forms.
  • Review the Transfer Interview Checklist included in the packet and complete any requirements
  • Enjoy your reading and learning process! Trust that your interviewing instructor is there to help you succeed and feel supported in your journey. S/he wants you to have a positive experience.

6. Schedule a Transfer Interview

  • Contact a qualified instructor. Instructors can be found the HTP website Instructor Directory at www.healingtouchprogram.com/find-an-instructor. Your interview must be conducted by a HTCI that is qualified to teach the level you are transferring for.
  • Interview may be in person or via phone.
  • Based on the interview, the instructor will either ask for other information, recommend further study, or complete the required class checklist and forward it to the HTP office.
  • If the Instructor asks for other information or further study, she/he will fill out the Additional Requirement form at the end of the interview and give to the student. Upon completion of the additional requirements, the student needs to contact the instructor and provide her/him with the information required. The instructor will create a follow-up evaluation and sign off on completion. The Additional Requirement form must be submitted with the Interview Checklist to HTP.

7. Mail to Healing Touch Program by the student or interviewing instructor

  • Completed and signed Transfer Interview Checklist
  • Both parties should keep a copy. Agree who will be sending in the paperwork to HTP
  • A copy of the original class certificate(s) 
  • Copy of the Additional Requirement form if used
  • Address: Healing Touch Program, 15439 Pebble Gate, San Antonio, TX 78232 or send by email to

8. Communication from HTP

  • The HTP office will mail a new HTP certificate(s) to the student. The issue date of the certificate will be the date on the Transfer Interview Checklist. The certificate will be marked as a Transfer Student in the instructor signature field. No CE contact hours are given for transferred classes
  • Please allow at least four weeks from receipt of paperwork for your certificate to arrive
  • Please email the HTP office for any questions, comments, or concerns –

9. Purchase a Transfer Packet for the Next Subsequent Level

  • Some students will opt to purchase a multiple level transfer packet with HTP, such as Levels 1 -3. In such cases, completed documents for more than one level of class can be submitted at the same time, as long as the chronological sequence is honored.

transfer policy student chart