Certification (Practitioner, QM)

Healing Touch Certification NCCA Accreditation Update

Those actively involved in Healing Touch are by now well aware of the effort underway to prepare and apply for accreditation with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Here is an update of some the latest developments in the process. For more details about accreditation please visit the certification website.

The biggest developments in the accreditation process are in the areas of exam availability, the grandfathering period and standard setting.

Exam registration is now available
Registration for the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner Entry Level Proficiency Exam is now officially open. An announcement about eligibility and registering will also be sent to all HTCPs and Level 5 students who may be preparing to submit their certification packets.  The exam has not been available since the conclusion of the pilot test, with the exception of two exam sessions held at the Worldwide Healing Touch Conference where sixteen HTCPs took the exam and fulfilled their renewal requirement!

All HTCPs are eligible to take the exam. HTCP applicants are also eligible to take the exam once they submit their packet for certification. It was felt that this would allow applicants to make use of the time while their packets are under review, and speed them towards final certification.

The Healing Touch Certification Governing Committee has decided to create a grandfathering period in which all HTCPs who take the pilot test or the exam will meet the exam requirement regardless of their score on the exam. This means that all HTCPs who take the exam during the grandfathering period will have met the exam requirement and will not need to retake the exam to achieve a passing score.

The grandfathering period is currently open and will end December 7th, 2012.

Standard Setting and Scoring of the Exam
The Standard setting committee is completing the process final standard setting for the exam items accepted from the pilot test. When this process is complete the minimum score needed to pass the exam can be determined.  After the minimum passing score is determined all pilot test and exam results will be re-scored for the exam questions and the results sent to the HTCPs that have taken the pilot test or the exam. We are planning to have the Standard Setting Completed and the exam scores sent to all participants prior to August 31, 2012.

Five hundred HTCPs need to take the exam before we are able to apply for accreditation. So far three hundred and eleven HTCPs have taken the exam or the pilot. We believe that we will easily achieve the number of participants we need to be able to submit our application in January 2013. We are looking forward to the hard work and high level of professional ability of the HTCP being recognized by NCCA accreditation, and thank everyone for their participation in this process. 

By Chris Gordon

Healing Touch Certification (HTC) is actively pursuing national accreditation with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Below is an update on some of the latest developments in the process. For more details about accreditation, click here to visit the HTP Certification website.

The Healing Touch Certified Practitioner Entry Level Proficiency Exam is the test that will become a required part of the certification process. HTP completed the pilot exam in February with over 300 HTCPs that participated and took the pilot test. All scores for the pilot test have been sent by e-mail. Anyone who has taken the pilot test and has not received their pilot test results should contact the HTP office so that we can make sure everyone receives their results. The pilot test results will be rescored according to the final exam and those results will be available when the final form of the test is completed.

We are currently working with the psychometrician to analyze the results of the pilot test to determine the questions that need to be removed, determine the minimum required score, and create the final form of the exam. HTP plans offer the exam starting in May, and we will make a detailed announcement as soon as the final form of the exam is completed. When the exam is completed registration will be available on the HTP Certification website.

HTP needs to have a total of 500 HTCPs take the test (pilot or regular) before we can apply for accreditation, and that looks very achievable with the spectacular participation we received on the pilot test. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us elevate the program by participating in the pilot test and we look forward the benefits that this professional recognition will bring to everyone who is doing the work!

Newest Development: Grandfathering
The Healing Touch Certification Governing Committee has decided to create a grandfathering period which will allow HTCPs who take the pilot test or final exam and do not pass to be grandfathered to have met the exam requirement. It is planned that the grandfathering period will be in effect until September 1, 2012. Based on the scores we have seen on the pilot test the number of people that we are expecting this will affect will be very small.

The basic premise held since the beginning the process of applying for accreditation is that the certification process is effective at determining the competence of a practitioner for certification. The addition of an exam in the certification process is to meet the NCCA standard of having an objective criterion referenced evaluation instrument. We believe that the certification packet review process is a more rigorous evaluation and it will remain the cornerstone of the certification process and will be the prerequisite for eligibility to take the exam.

All HTCPs are required to take the exam, or to have taken the pilot test. During the grandfathering period, any HTCP that does not achieve the minimum required score on the exam will qualify to grandfather past the exam requirement, and will not have to repeat the exam until achieving a passing score. The grandfathering period will end prior to submitting the application for accreditation.

Achieving National Accreditation will represent a great achievement in working to bring Energy Healing Therapies like Healing Touch into the modern medical care arena. This is the foundation of Janet's vision and Healing Touch Program's mission "to bring Healing Touch to every home, school, healthcare facility and hospital." Others are already following in our footsteps. Working together, we are leaders in Energy Medicine!