The following introduction was written by Kay Tolson. She and her husband George studied with Brugh Joy for ten years. They have generously shared the recordings below.

Introduction to the Spiral Meditation

Brugh set aside time in the morning each day, an hour or so, for meditation and suggested his students do the same. In his retreats Brugh taught through the principle of Induction. Having inducted a state of consciousness in himself, he would then join his students sitting on cushions in a circle on the floor. Taking the hands of the 2 students by his side, all would then hold hands. Gradually the students would come into resonance and be inducted into deeper states of consciousness within themselves.

To prepare for this recording of the Spiral Meditation, Brugh inducted the state of Unconditional Love in himself and that vibration emanates in the field and from his voice as he guides the student through the meditation. He said the intention of this recording was to teach the form so the student could learn the pattern and the practice of shifting from the giving and receiving sides of the psyche. Then the student would be able to practice the spiral pattern on their own and deepen into the states of the Heart independently.

Here are 2 guided meditations that may assist in developing and deepening the Heart Center and initiation into the Sacred and the Depth of Being. Brugh's "Introduction to the Spiral Meditation" in which Brugh introduces the Spiral Meditation, recording is about 5 minutes in length, followed by the Sprial Meditation

Brugh's Introduction to the Spiral Meditation

Brugh's "Spiral Meditation"