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*Janet Mentgen’s Recommended Books

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New Books


Becoming the Healer: The Miracle of Brain Injury is a book to be read by more than just those trying to understand the brain-injured person. It can renew in you hope, faith, and the belief that miracles still happen today and can happen for you too. You will be inspired with great ideas, encouraging you to step out in faith, to let go of your fears, and to make the necessary changes to step into your own miracles. By opening your eyes and your heart, looking at things in a different perspective, asking, then really listening, the answers will come. Sometimes when the answers come, they don't show up the way we expected them to. This was the case with Deborah, who never imagined herself to be given the gift of healing. Now, having experienced a brain injury and the miracles of healing that have brought her full circle in that process, she shares to help you do the same.



Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love is a revelatory guidebook for discovering that the love you want is achievable. While love, in all its grandeur, can seem out of reach, togetherness is in your hands at every moment. It is the intimate expression of love's immensity, experienced each time you reach beyond the trivial to embrace the miraculous in yourself and others. Based on the four cornerstones of togetherness, renowned author Cyndi Dale and acclaimed psychotherapist Andrew Wald offer a blueprint for building a bridge to profound intimacy - a depth of closeness that can transform every relationship in your life.


Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health This book is about human energy--where it comes from, where it goes and how to have more of it consistently. It takes the new science of energy medicine, translates it into clear and simple terms, then spells out easy ways to maintain energy health. This is The New Home Health Guide for the 21st Century! The fields of energy psychology, energy kinesiology, and energy medicine have vastly altered what is known about how we function. But much of this life-altering information has not made it into the mainstream. Endless Energy puts these revolutionary ideas into your hands in easy to understand and practical ways.


Healing Touch Meditations
Guided Practices to Awaken Healing Energy For Yourself and Others

By Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP/I
2 CDs (2 hours, 21 minutes)
Sounds True (November 2011)

Guided Training in the Three Foundational Practices of Healing Touch

Why has Healing Touch been embraced by both the mainstream medical community and holistic health practitioners? Not only has it been clinically demonstrated to be an effective way to support physical, mental, and emotional wellness—Healing Touch empowers people to take an active role in caring for their own health. With Healing Touch Meditations, Cynthia Hutchison brings you three foundational practices for using Healing Touch to cleanse, balance, and energize your body’s subtle energy system.

“The great thing about Healing Touch is that it is universal and non-dogmatic,” teaches Cynthia Hutchison. “All that you need is a compassionate heart, willing hands, and some basic knowledge.” Whether you are a healing professional who wants to complement your practice, or you are looking for a proven energy medicine method to enhance your own health, Healing Touch Meditations brings you guided practices to activate your own capacity to transmit healing energy for yourself and others.



The Huggin' Healer
By Rev. Rudy Noël
Paperback: 60 pages
PublishAmerica (May 16, 2011)

There are times in our lives when we are invited to circumnavigate the rules; times when we must allow ourselves to search for the deeper meaning of something in order to gain a richer experience. Rev. Rudy Noël’s The Huggin’ Healer is an open invitation to do just that. If you are willing to dive beneath the surface you may be very pleased with the pearls you find below. Rev. Rudy Noël offers a simple, no-holds barred, plain English perspective with regards to healing ourselves as well as others. In addition, you receive handy, easy-to-follow directions for his world renowned “Mind Clearance” and “HOPI” techniques, both of which are utilized in the Healing Touch Program.

Rudy Noël is an adept who was rigorously trained in the healing arts by Master Healer, Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere. He draws us in and regales us with his stories, experiences and insights; then tosses out morsels of advice, self-awareness and keen observation. Sometimes, he even surprises us by answering questions that we haven’t even thought to ask yet. These pearls of wisdom may appear to be bite-sized, but they are well worth their weight in gold. Healers of every degree will appreciate and benefit from having The Huggin’ Healer in their “toolbox”.



Healing Touch
Essential Energy Medicine for Yourself and Others
By Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D., RN, CNS, D.CEP
Paperback: 384 pages
Sounds True (October 2011)

More than a hundred hospitals in Canada and the United States now use energy medicine as part of their regular care, thanks to a practice called Healing Touch. Mainstream medicine has embraced this accessible form of energy therapy—and with Healing Touch, there is now a resource for beginners seeking to explore this popular energy medicine modality. Presented by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, one of the most highly regarded authorities on Healing Touch, here is a practical guide on the art of transmitting healing energy to ourselves and others.

The modality of Healing Touch is bringing energy medicine into modern health care as an established, accepted addition to conventional treatment practices. Healing Touch gives readers an illustrated introductory guide to this medically validated method to enhance our health and well-being—and tapping the healing potential that we all possess.



Energetic Boundaries
How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life

By Cyndi Dale
Paperback: 328 pages
Sounds True (October 2011)

Just as our physical body is protected by our skin, our psyche and spirit have "energetic boundaries" that keep out harmful influences. These boundaries, invisible to the naked eye, are more than just defenses-according to Cyndi Dale, these "spiritual borders" are our soul's way of communicating to the universe what we do and don't want to experience in life. With Energetic Boundaries, this renowned intuitive and energy-medicine expert presents a definitive guide for maintaining this essential aspect of our health and personal integrity.

"Strong and flexible energetic boundaries allow us to share who we truly are with the world," teaches Cyndi Dale. Filled with insights, practical guidance, and easy-to-learn techniques, Energetic Boundaries is an indispensible tool for staying protected and connected in every aspect of life-in our relationships, career, and on our spiritual journey.



The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine
By Linnie Thomas, HTCP/I 
Paperback: 568 pages 
Fairview Press (April 15, 2010)

This is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the history and modern use of energy related complementary medicines. This authoritative encyclopedia presents readers with an entire overview of the increasingly popular fields of energy medicine and related bio-field therapies. Filled with insightful, practical, and easy-to-understand information, "The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine" examines the history and modern uses of such alternative therapies as Acupressure, Healing Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, the Tellington Method, Therapeutic Touch, and more than 50 others. The Encyclopedia also includes expert advice on how to start training in any of these disciplines, giving readers the opportunity to forge a new career in the exciting field of complementary and alternative medicine.



Awakening the Tiger Within: 9 Paths to Healing and Empowerment
By Joy Heartsong MS HTCP
Paperback: 204 pages
Inner Vision Press (September 21, 2007)

You've built a life filled with family and friends, activities, a home and career. Still...there are times you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. You wonder if there isn't something else, something more. Happily, there is. Through the pages of Awakening The Tiger Within, Joy Heartsong shows you the 9 Paths to awakening the TIGER that lies within you: your inner power and guidance. The TIGER is your access to the joy, fulfillment, healing.the something more you've been missing in life. Whether you're refining or rebuilding, the path to the life you seek begins with an inner journey. Your TIGER will guide you as you fill in the blanks to create the life you've been missing. Let the journey begin.



The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
By Cyndi Dale
Paperback: 500 pages
Sounds True, Incorporated (February 1, 2009)All healers are "energetic" healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body's spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: * What is the "subtle body"? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition * True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results * The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health * Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions-- including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more. For professionals who want to make the leap from being good healers to great ones, one thing is clear: we need to care for every facet of our well-being. With The Subtle Body, practitioners and patients alike now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health--for an informed, complete approach to healing


Lifting the Sky
By Mackie D’Arge
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books (March 3, 2009)

Lifting the Sky, by Mackie D'arge, is a young adult novel that’s time has come. It is a book about using intention, seeing “living lights” both around people and on the earth, and following one’s dream. Mackie D’arge has skillfully woven a story about finding one’s home with well drawn characters, vivid environmental scenes, and a fast moving tale.

Children have already been touched by Mackie’s text; a young girl wrote to the author asking if anyone could heal animals with their hands because her dog was sick. She and her sister have read the novel many times and asked Mackie when the next story would be written.

Mackie D’arge, an artist with the gift of higher sense perception, has created a tale set in the land she loves. The book has already won the Wyoming State Historical Fiction Award and is a listed children’s selection in December’s Science of the Mind magazine.



Second Chance at Your Dream: Engaging Your Body's Energy Resources for Optimal Aging, Creativity and Health
By Dorothea Hover-Kramer
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Energy Psychology Press (November 15, 2008)

This book provides a new template for the second half of life, one that it is bursting with energy, health, power, creativity and new beginnings. Rather than settling for less than our dreams, it fills us with the expectation that this period is our second chance to do, and to be, all the things we've ever dreamed of-and more!This is the first book to apply the breakthrough insights of Energy Psychology to aging. Energy Psychology is an exciting new healing method that changes the body's electromagnetic energy fields to produce immediate psychological shifts and physical well-being. It involves a simple set of breathing and touching exercises, and can be learned quickly by anyone. After just a few minutes of applying these methods, you can amaze yourself with how much better you feel!Energy Psychology pioneer Dorothea Hover-Kramer explains its basic principles in ways that are easy to understand. She shows how energy methods can liberate us from many of the typical problems of aging, such as low energy and reduced motivation.



A Story Of Grace: Holistic Healing After A Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer (Volume 1)
Author: Nancy Ann Battilega, HTCP
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (May 13, 2008)

Nancy Ann Battilega, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP):This is the story of my journey to health and wholeness after a dianosis of breast cancer, and the events in my life that prepared me to choose this particular path of healing. I know that each individual is unique and each illness is unique to that individual. There is no one size fits all when it comes to cancer or any other illness. Nevertheless, I write in the hope that others, who find themselves in circumstances similar to mine, will be inspired to move through their journeys free from fear, taking all the time necessary to discover what their bodies need in order to heal. This story may stretch your imagination, but I assure you every word is as true as I can tell it. We each have a unique voice. I have attempted to tell a story which conveys the truth of my journey in a way that others might say, She is telling my story.



The Energy Healing Experiments: Science Reveals Our Natural Power to Heal
Author: Gary E. Schwartz PhD
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Atria; Reprint edition (August 19, 2008)

Gary E. Schwartz's new book covers many energy modalities, including Healing Touch. He tells marvelous stories of healings and uses experiments to confirm that the human body is a bundle of energy that can be healed by another such bundle of energy.



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