Bringing the Gift of Healing Touch to Remote India

By Kimberly Kuppenheimer, MA, PA, HTCP/I It is with great joy that I happily introduce our first HTP Level 1 class from Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu, south India! Eleven students took their initial Healing Touch journey from June 30-July 1, 2017. As we do all across the...
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Healing Touch Provides Support to Caregivers at Westchester Medical Center’s Caregiver Center

By Betty Feldman, HTCP Healing Touch is a popular choice among complementary modalities offered for relief and support to caregivers at Westchester Medical Center’s Caregiver Center in Valhalla, NY. If you live in the area, and have a Level 3 HTP certificate, or above, please join our volunteer team. A...
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Expanding Healing Touch into the Academic World

By Jean S. Pruett, D.Min., LPC, NCC, HTCP/I In 2016, Nancy Green, MHA, OTR/L, and Associate Professor and Program Chair of the Occupational Assistance Department’s 2-year Associate Degree at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, began planning how to incorporate Healing Touch (HT) classes into the Department’s course offerings, and possibly...
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Sharp HospiceCare Services Include "Caring for the Caregiver"

By: Lisa Goodman, HTCP/I, Sharp HospiceCare Integrative Therapies Coordinator   Sharp HospiceCare in San Diego, CA, expanded its services to include Caring for the Caregiver, and it is the focus of the Integrative Therapies (IT) volunteer program. Our journey began in 2005, when we implemented integrative therapies (such as Healing...
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10 Reasons why you should consider Healing Touch

By: Flor Taboada, HTCP This article was originally posted on Flor's blog. It is a great way to introduce Healing Touch to others. Healing Touch is a gentle complementary therapy that uses light touch to balance and restore energy that has been depleted due to mental or emotional stress, trauma,...
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The Energy of Symbolism in Our Lives and its Healing Abilities

By: Stacy Cruikshank, RN, BSN, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner What do certain symbols mean when they present themselves to us? I recently attended my Level 5 Healing Touch retreat in Pennsylvania. Two weeks prior, and during my time at the retreat, snakes presented themselves...
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Journaling Your Path to Certification Renewal – Will You Be Ready?

Keep the Journal in your computer for the most flexibility in handling the material. It might be helpful to set up a folder for Certification Renewal. Under this folder you might make a sub-folder titled “Timeline to Certification Renewal”. Entries can be made in the “Timeline” chronologically for everything you...
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Healing Touch California 10th Annual Anniversary Symposium

Sharing Janet’s Vision & Spreading the light! By Donna Cahill, MSN, RN-BC, CNS, CHTP/I, Vice President Healing Touch California Healing Touch California held their 10th Annual Anniversary Symposium on April 9th & 10th at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City, California. Once a year, the four Healing Touch organizations in...
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