A New Tool for Healing Touch: How the HT Meditation Tools Can Support Your Practice

A New Tool for Healing Touch: How the HT Meditation Tools Can Support Your Practice


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue.

These meditation CDs were created for use with HT students, clients, practitioners and instructors of HT. They can also be used by anyone who is open to exploring a meditative /healing path in lifeb2ap3_thumbnail_healing_touch_meditations.jpg and therefore can be used outside of Healing Touch. Each meditation was worded with care to ensure inclusiveness for people on various spiri­tual paths. The second CD assumes some basic knowledge on the part of the listener. 





The HT Meditations CD #1 includes the Level 1 methods of Grounding, Centering and Attuning (first meditation, 20 minutes) and the Self Chakra Connection (second meditation, 30 min­utes). The Grounding, Centering and Attuning Meditation pro­vides the conceptual basis for the basic work of HT as well as serving as a time to rest in self-awareness and gratitude. In my experience, EVERYTHING we do in HT relies on the ability of the practitioner to understand and be able to remain in a state of being grounded, centered and attuned (GCA). If students leave a Level 1 class with a beginning foundation for learning how to GCA, then I feel that I have served the student as the instruc­tor. I believe that we would have world peace if everyone knew how to CGA. In the second meditation, the Self Chakra Con­nection provides a gentle blend of education on the meaning of the chakras and their related seven auric fields as well as hand placements and thought processes to hold during this experi­ence. Positivity and gratitude are interwoven throughout both of these self-healing methods.

Healing Touch Meditations CD #2 offers three meditations taught in Levels 2, 3 and 4 of HT Program’s curriculum. The Level 2 Self Spiral Meditation (25 minutes), an adaptation of the work of Brugh Joy, M.D., can be used for practitioner self care and for teaching to clients, as well as, for students/clients and those interested in self healing and health promotion practices. The Level 3 Hara Alignment Meditation (20 minutes), an adapta­tion of Barbara Brennan’s teachings from Hands Of Light (1987) and Light Emerging (1993), is offered as the second track for self care/healing and practitioner preparation for working with all the levels of the field. The Level 4 Etheric Vitality Meditation (17 minutes), an adaptation of the teachings from Doscolos, referred to in Homage to the Sun (1987) by Kyriacos Markides, is the final offering that may be used for self care and healing, practi­tioner preparation and client treatment.

The CDs have been well-received and appreciated by many. Testimonials may be viewed atwww.HealingTouchMeditations.com. You may also listen to some samples of each recording by clicking on the LISTEN tab at the top of the home page. If you choose to purchase one or both, please let me know how you like them and how you use them by writing to me at healingtouchhealingyou@gmail.com. I have plans for future projects, so your feedback is very welcome. Wholesale pricing is available.

Creating the Healing Touch Meditations CDs– Personal Reflections

Though I have been encouraged by students and colleagues for some years to create a CD for HT Meditations and methods, the opportunity for this to be a natural and flowing process did not manifest until last summer. Then — Voila! — all the pieces came into place and the set of two CDs manifested in December 2009 – in time for HTP’s completion of our 20th anniversary year.

I felt inspired to create five meditations to match the HTP core curriculum. Having done them so many times for my own self-care and healing, for mentees, clients and in HT classes, the words came easily and joyfully. I knew last year that I wanted to use music from both Steve Skudler’s Crystal Clear 1 album and music from Aaron Krieshok’s One Drop’s Journey album. Aaron had been an HT student of mine in 2007 and composed this music the night between Day 1 and Day 2 of our HT Level 2 class. He brought it to our class where we played it for our after­noon treatment exchange. I was deeply touched by the energy and beauty of the music, never thinking that a few years later I would be fortunate enough to have it on my meditation CDs. (Steve’s latest creation for HT is his children’s album “Your Invis­ible Body” which corresponds to the HTP Children’s Book and our new children’s HT class.)

I subsequently hired Aaron, who also lives in Boulder, as the sound technician. His cozy recording studio was draped with ba­tik fabrics and spiritual symbols. Before recording, we lit a candle and incense. With joyful anticipation, I placed some sacred ob­jects in front of me and entered a meditative but grounded state. I felt such gratitude for being able to bring HT meditations to a new level of service and empowerment for others.

My youngest daughter, Catherine Rose, is the artist for the album covers. My oldest daughter, Crystal Mary, is my assistant, as HT Meditations is a home business. My middle daughter, Philana, is my cheerleader. Peggy Conway, an HT student in New York served as the graphic artist. Aaron Krieshok and Steve Skudler are soulful composers and musicians who love HT and are also holistic practitioners. There is plenty of loving energy imprinted in this project from this group of people to you, with which we hope you will “resonate.” Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this!



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