Healing Touch - Can You See The Love?

Healing Touch - Can You See The Love?


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program September/October Issue

So gentle. So gentle. Wonderful.” “You’re really magic!” “I’m so relaxed, I can’t describe it.” “I went to la la land.” Testimonials from Hospice Patients

One day, after having served hospice and palliative care families with Healing Touch and reflexology for many years, I was asked to visit with an older woman receiving hospice care who b2ap3_thumbnail_can_you_feel_the_love.jpgwas experiencing terminal agitation. I began clearing and balancing her energy field with Healing Touch, and she soon quieted down. Her daughter watched as her mother opened her sea-blue eyes wide, looked deeply into mine, and relaxed into the experience. She had not spoken clearly for days, but then she said with wonder, “Can you see it – the love? It’s so beautiful, the love.” I am forever touched by the profound connection and awe of that transcendent moment.

Healing Touch, an energy-based therapy, is gently powerful in easing the way for families confronting serious illness. It is well documented that the compassionate exchange in Healing Touch and other complementary therapies (CAM) can improve the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being of hospice and palliative care patients. Family caregivers also benefit by being empowered with techniques to relieve symptoms of their loved one, and self-care to ease debilitating stress. For both patients and caregivers energy-based therapies can assist in allowing them to do the more subtle inner work that can gift the family with a more peaceful end-of-life experience. For this reason the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) strongly endorses the use of CAM in end-of-life care. As Valerie Hartman, Coordinator of the Holy Redeemer Hospice Complementary Therapy Program in Philadelphia and Chair of the Allied Therapy Committee of NHPCO, states, “One of the greatest benefits of comfort massage and other complementary therapies in hospice care is to break the stress response in fear and ease stress related physical symptoms in all stages of the dying process.”



Collectively we must develop strategies to bring Healing Touch and other energy-based modalities to homes and community based settings of the frail, vulnerable and underserved in our communities. Emerging Healthcare, Inc., a new non profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, invites you to collaborate in proactively improving access to integrative, community-based care and education. Through replicable model programs, together we can build bridges with conventional practices that demonstrate improved quality of life, as well as cost containment for our healthcare industry. Please contact Janis at 404.375.8678 if you would like to be part of this movement and create life changing stories that promote healing from the inside out.

 “…You were such a wonderful gift for us and your healing hands and gentle spirit brought my dad relief, both physically and emotionally…It was such a trying and difficult time for us all and having people like yourself around definitely eased the burden. We always looked forward to seeing you at the door. We will never forget your kindness.” -daughter of a hospice patient who received Healing Touch


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