You are invited to exhibit at Healing Touch Program’s Worldwide Conference, Being the Healing Bridge: Expanding Spirit into Practice, February 1-3, 2019 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina on the waterfront in San Diego, CA.

For details see our Exhibitor Prospectus.

Vendors that you will see at the 2019 Conference in San Diego.


Amelia Vogler - The Healing Space

Professionally recorded journeys with beautiful custom music and spoken word.


Awakening Healing Axis

Co-created through the collaborate guidance of Franny Harcey, Tim McConville and Jeannette Nienaber. Their mission is to enhance the Healer’s evolution toward working from the highest, most Divine frequencies.


Barbara Evans - Art of Raising Frequency

High vibrational tools that promote vibrant health and wellbeing. Art prints, Healing Discs, Empowerment Cards, Mandala Coloring Books, The Wholeness Pendant, Crystal Singing Bowls, Jewelry and Crystals.


Belle Star

Aura Photographs are a powerful aid to understanding life patterning. Colors indicate skills of teaching, care-giving, coaching, writing, intuition, ministerial, management, etc. One-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry. www.bellestar.net


Biomat Store

The Biomat is an advanced Far Infrared, negative ion therapy device that has been proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation while stimulating the relaxation response.


Cynthia Hutchison – Boulder Healing Touch

Healing Touch CDs, Body Prayer DVD, Energetic Art Posters. www.boulderhealingtouch.com


Energy Magazine

Visit our table for a firsthand look at professionally printed copies of Energy Magazine, examples of our downloadable products and more. Free Energy Magazine bookmarks are available. www.EnergyMagazineOnline.com


Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation (HTWF)

Silent Auction, Raffle and Readings. Stop by to bid on our wonderful items, buy raffle tickets or for a reading.


Healing Warriors Program

A nonprofit clinic in Colorado that provides acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and Healing Touch to service members and veterans, and their spouse/partner and parent for pain, PTS, sleep and TBI.


Healing Touch California

A 501©3 nonprofit organization with the mission to unite, educate and support all Healing Touch practitioners and students throughout California.


Healing Touch for Animals

HTA teaches pet owners and animal advocates specific techniques and applications to promote wellness, provide support through injury or illness, help with behavior issues and enhance the animal/human bond.


Healing Touch Store

Stop by and check out our new products plus pick up old favorites. https://healing-touch-program-official-store.myshopify.com/


Healing Touch Professional Association

Stop by and visit and get the latest news from the professional association.


Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA)

Certification in clinical aromatherapy program, books/educational materials and essential oils. www.ishahealing.com


OMtuitive Consulting

Receive spiritual insights from an intuitive and business consultant so that you can gain clarity, comfort and validation about matters of the heart, business, and your well-being.


Quantum Balance Crystals

Our crystals are made with a quartz crystalline technology and infused with over 200 frequencies, and 12 color frequencies that shift and harmonize all chaotic energy. Free color readings and balance demonstrations in our Rainbow Booth.


Wellsong Energetics

Innovative products and services that directly and effectively optimize the energy profile of people and animals. Our products utilize the principals of advanced esoteric science to produce world-changing advancements in achieving wellness and enhancing the effectiveness of medical services.


Whispering Tree

Check out artisan work from around the country. Unique Sterling and Gemstone Jewelry, Native Made Prayer Fans, Gorgeous Hand painted Drums and much more! Visit our booth and online at www.whisperingtree.net.